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CD - Tempest Lament

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email: robyn@robynsutherland.com

Tempest Lament CD from Auckland harp player and singer Robyn Sutherland


Treat your ears with this blend of old and new sounds!

If you are looking for relaxing and soothing music then you will love this CD!

Released in 2004 the debut album
"Tempest Lament" is a collection of gently enchanting songs and instrumentals - 13 tracks, including 9 written by Robyn, reflecting an interest in Early and Medieval music. With subtle layering and beautifully entwined harmonies her contemporary style has been likened to Clannad and Enya.

harp and voice CD Tempest Lament

Recorded and mixed by Steve Garden at his famous Garden Shed Studio. Mostly harp and voice with a touch of bass played by Robyn, sax on tracks 4 and 8 by Chris Watts, some fantastic low vocals from Devlin Sakey and keyboards, backing synths and samples from Brett Orams and Robyn.

A wonderful gift!

Within New Zealand: NZ$25.00 including postage & packaging
to order send an email to robyn@robynsutherland.com
be sure to clearly indicate the delivery address for the CD.

Outside of New Zealand: NZ$30.00 including postage and packaging
to order send an email to robyn@robynsutherland.com
be sure to clearly indicate the delivery address for the CD.
purchases can be made using your paypal account.

Tempest Lament is also available from Robyn's page at CDbaby
any queries, please email:

Mp3 samples from the CD

Behind The Stone

Tempest Lament

Orange & Gold

The Palest Rose

What people say about the CD . . .

Cherry Hsu

"While listening to Robyn's Tempest Lament CD, I was instantly transported to a magical realm where gentle, haunting melodies flow smoothly. Robyn's original compositions are imbued with refined emotions and ethereal quality. Her 'Mother's Lullaby' proves to be pleasantly relaxing and I fell asleep upon listening to it. This CD is a charming jewel that I believe will touch your heart as it did to mine."


Barry McConnachie

Excellent, great playing, nice songs, hauntingly good singing and good production, thanks.


Joh Lang of the famous Langcaster swamp kauri guitars

I feel a better comparison can be made with Loreena McKennitt than with Clannad

On this website from Robyn Sutherland is an invitation to write a review about her new CD Tempest Lament.

I gladly take the opportunity to do this. As said on this website her music has, " Haunting harmonies adorn beautiful melodies and dreamily melt into subtle layers of old sounds Likened to Clannad and Enya" Being a big fan of Loreena McKennitt and having 6 of her Cd's, Loreena is the best performer I have ever seen and heard in this genre of music. I feel a better comparison can be made with Loreena McKennitt than with Clannad or Enya and that is a big compliment! As she is the best for sure!. Robyn not only looks like her but she also has the same breath taking voice and stunning style. She plays many instruments with the same gentle feel and smile to boost.

When I saw Robyn performing some years ago I was stunned to see and hear a Celtic performer playing harp! and sounding Like McKennitt here in New Zealand. By chance I found Robyn's website some years later and listen to the sound samples of "Tempest Lament" and was even more surprised! The recording quality is outstanding with the perfect mix and feel. You would think it was recorded in a London studio with George Martin, the producer for the Beatles and Hayley Westenra with a massive budget. The Sound is dreamy and almost hypnotic to listen to, on 2 tracks you hear Chris Watts on Saxophone, the sound and feel is exceptional and blends in with the songs is a non intrusive way.

9 of the 13 songs are written and composed by Robyn, that shows her talent is unlimited. The website and CD cover are designed by Brett Orams and express the atmosphere of the Music as well.

Well done!. The whole production is A1!

This CD can stand up with the best in music, sound, recording and production by anyone in the world and for a small budget project that is remarkable.

When I write a review on music as I have done for years for my own music magazine and other publications, you often need to make a comparison with other artists to describe the sort of music on the CD you like to review. Now days you have MP3 sound samples, as on Robyn's exceptionally well designed website, with one click of the mouse, you hear what the music is all about and that makes it a lot simpler.

Please listen to the sound samples of this great CD production and be proud that this CD is Kiwi made without the help of the big record company's. Most of them are mainly interested in Hiphop and Rap as that is cheap to produce. I hope they wake up one day to spot the talent of Robyn and release her music to a world wide audience of Celtic and old English music lovers like me!

Thanks for this wonderful CD and hope you get the recognition you deserve with this production!


These lyrics are from Robyn's
CD 'Tempest Lament'

Behind The Stone
copyright©RobynSutherland 2004

Remember us who
Remain to keep
The secret hidden
Now behind the stone
Far away for
None to see
Until the day
The golden light
Shines upon the dawn


Tempest Lament
copyright©RobynSutherland 2004

Over the sea there's a fair ship a'sail
On her the lady, about whom this tale
She travelled the ocean for her lover's hand
Far away from her homeland

Wilder the fierce wind than any had seen
Fear struck the hearts of the brave lads upon the sea
The lady stood silent, pale in the night
And her tears they fell, in the stormy light

Sleep my lover - rest this night
As the wind calls your name
I hear you cry

One life was gone with the break of day
One life - the price to pay
For passage of voyage there's always a cost
And the waters took payment and one life was lost


My lover sleeps in the stormy night sea
Her love will always be with me
My heart has been broken - never will it mend
Since the sea took the life of my lady fair



Heavenly Child
copyright©RobynSutherland 2004

Sleep baby - be still and close your eyes
Hush now - embrace the spell of night
Until the birds sing
Until the sunrise
Sleep now - my heavenly child

Sleep baby - let the world pass you by
Hush now - safe in the arms of love
Until the birds sing
Until the days new light
Sleep now - my heavenly child

Sleep baby - sweet be your dreams tonight
Hush now - rest here with my heart
Until the birds sing
Until the sunrise / new light
Sleep now - my heavenly child


Traditional 15th Century

Gaudete Gaudete Christus est natus
Ex Maria virginae, gaudete

Gaudete Gaudete Christus est natus
Ex Maria virginae, gaudete

Tempus ad est gratiae
hoc quod optabamus
Carmina laetitiae
devote redamus


Deus homo factus
est natarum erante
Mundus renovatus
est a Christo regnante


Ezecheelis porta
clausa per transitor
Unde lux est orta
sallus invenitor


Ergo nostra contio
psallat jam in lustro
Benedict domino
sallus regi nostro

Gaudete Gaudete Christus est natus
Ex Maria virginae gaudete


Mother's Lullaby
copyright©RobynSutherland 2004

Hush little baby don’t you cry
Mama’s gonna sing you a lullaby

She calls my name
Baby I love you
Says it’s ok
There is more than I see
Joy of understanding
She comes in my abandon

Her eyes look down
I know she’s near now
All around
Happiness is here now
Colour revolving
Washing me golden

Her timeless world
A voice across the distance
A song I’ve never heard
Mother’s lullaby begins
My eyes are open
Doorway I’m beholding

Hush little baby don’t you cry
Mama’s gonna sing you a lullaby


Orange and Gold
copyright©RobynSutherland 2004

Inspired by the 4 seasons, Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn
and also talking about the stages of our lives from birth to death.
The Orange and Gold leaves dancing in the firelight are a reference
to that which we hold dear to us in our lives - our passion, and
encourages us to hold it close, always remember it's importance
and to keep the fire burning.

Only the winter leaves the earth
A white magical playground
Only the winter leaves the earth
Silent and cold - til Spring cues rebirth

Spring rain, flowers anew
Life is calling - calling you
Seeds awaken, flowers bloom
Springtime - life comes anew

Then Summer, dresses the ground
Warms the earth
With her sweet Summer sounds
Stars sing in the sky above
Summertime - is the time for love

To the Autumn - prepare
For the time inevitably ahead
Leaves dance in the fire light
Orange and gold
Keep that fire in your heart tonight

Our energy circles around
Treat it wisely, harbour it well
Our energy circles around
Like the orange and gold


Post Lapidem
copyright©RobynSutherland 2004
Latin translation Keith Hunter

Nostri mementote
Quorum remanemus
ut celatum celeamus
nunc post lapidem
longingquum occultum
ne quis dum prima luce videat
illa cum aurea lucebit


Coventry Carol
Traditional 16th Century English

Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child,
By by lully lullay
O sisters too,
How may we do
For to preserve this day
This poor youngling,
For whom we do sing,
By By lully lullay?

Herod the king,
In his raging,
Charged he hath this day
His men of might,
In his own sight,
All young children to slay

That woe is me
Poor child for thee!
And ever morn and day,
For thy parting
Neither say nor sing
By by lully lullay!


Contact Robyn to buy the CD now
email: robyn@robynsutherland.com
or phone: 021 252 7632


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