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The harp is a gentle addition that can be soothing to those whose hearts are feeling sad.

Harp is suitable for children's or adults funerals and Robyn has many suitable songs and instrumental pieces in her repertoire. If you are wanting to request a particular song or piece of music please email or phone to discuss.

Often instrumental music works best so people can reflect without the distraction of lyrics.

harp music for funeral celebration of life ceremony


You may like some music before the service as people are arriving, a piece during the service when guests can reflect on the life of the person they knew and another piece to mark the end of the ceremony. Your funeral director or funeral celebrant will be able to guide you with music placement throught the ceremony if you are not sure about how to make it all work together.

Robyn can also move the harp outside after the service is finished if you would like some music as people are saying their final farewells. This would not be a practical option if it was raining unless there was a sheltered place for the harp.

A mixture of gentle flowing instrumental harp music or songs sung in an ethereal style. Genres of music available are - Contemporary, Celtic, Early music and Robyn's own compositions. Children's lullabies are very suitable for a child or baby's funeral.

These songs and pieces of music have been played by Robyn at funerals in the past:

The Lord's Prayer - Susan Boyle version
Amazing Grace - Susan Boyle version
Heavenly Child - Robyn Sutherland
You Are so Beautiful - Joe Cocker
Skye Boat Song - Traditional Irish

Ask your funeral director or funeral celebrant to discuss any ideas with Robyn, or call or email yourself to ask any questions you may have.


Memorial Services
Harp music is also a good choice of music for a memorial service. The music alows for reflective thought but helps to create an atmosphere of warmth. People find it very soothing and relaxing to listen to


Rosalie Pearson - Remembrance Service, Settlers Albany, Auckland

Robyn's sensitivity and empathy for the occasion was right on the button. The harp is a beautiful instrument and Robyn plays to enter your soul. A very personal experience that brought peace and serenity to our remembrance service.

Thank you so much Robyn for your magical gift!


Deborah - Funeral Service, Auckland

Hi Robyn, you were perfect! Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice and heavenly harp music.


Have a look at the repertoire page to see more about the music available.

Check Robyn's availability
email: robyn@robynsutherland.com or phone: 021 252 7632


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